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Training Philosophy and Vision

CrossFit Poole has gone from strength to strength, especially in the last 12 months where we’ve seen our membership more than double. Just as our membership has grown in strength so have a lot of our members, and its not only strength in which they have grown. Our members are showing high levels of competency in olympic lifting, gymnastic movements and have a very solid cardio vascular base. All in all they are getting good at…. CrossFit.

That being said we still have a long way to go. As a club we have been using linear progression techniques, borrowed training modalities and styles from some of the biggest and best powerlifting and CrossFit clubs in the world and used our own knowledge to generate our own programs, all while sticking with our philosophy of “Form over Ego”.

We aim to build the strength of our members by focusing on form and not getting bogged down in max lifts, and PB’s.

The Tier System

The Tier System we implemented 6 months ago has played a big part in ensuring our members get the right level of training (Volume & Intensity). Within each Tier the individual can progress at their own pace, with Tier 1 looking to move up to Tier 2 within 4-12 weeks.

When you first join the club, if you are new to CrossFit, or you have had a long break away from the sport you automatically are assigned to Tier 1. This is so as coaches we can see where your competency level lies, and also so you can learn or reacquaint yourself with the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit and show a basic understanding of olympic lifting.

Tier 2 is where we find the majority of our members. Tier 2 members have shown competency in basic olympic lifting, basic gymnastic skills and have a solid strength base around their power lifts. It is in this Tier where we really try to elevate the individuals overall CrossFit skill base.

Athlete Development Program

As previously mentioned, we have grown as a club in more ways than one. Our membership is the highest its ever been, our athletes are stronger and fitter than they have ever been and the energy and moral in the club is by far the best its ever been! So in order to keep things moving in the same direction we needed to add another facet to our programming, the ADP.

The Athlete Development Program was created so that the members who viewed CrossFit more as a sport could further their knowledge and improve their skill set with the view to compete. Its a completely optional program, any member can join the ADP, however there are minimum ability standards that have to be met.

ADP 2015

The sky is the limit. The very nature of CrossFit is that it is “constantly varied”, so in order to keep up we have to continually evolve at the same rate as the sport. With that being said we also want to generate our own ethos, training principles and program modalities. So, to run along side our main programming, we will be running a full time Athlete Development Program.

The 12 week program we have written is focused on building strong athletes through the acquisition of better form. I have used a Wendler variation to build strength in our squat, and used the Priplen Table as the framework for the Olympic lifting elements. We shall be Squatting up to 3 times a week, olympic lifting up to twice a week and carrying out accessory upper body hypertrophy, strength and power movements throughout. The main focus will be skill acquisition and familiarity.

A focus on gymnastics skill development will be the main focus of the first half of the ADP program, with the transition to skill under fatigue (Met Con Wod’s) in the second half. .

I’ve written a CrossFit Program, for CrossFitters, and with any program the key is consistency and sticking to the plan. I believe that for the members that want to compete in CrossFit, this program can help them perform to the best of their ability.

We will be strict in the management of our athletes’ fatigue. We only have a limited supply of energy, and to maximise the training effect of this program, it is imperative that you can attack each session with the level of readiness it demands and deserves! Stick to prescribed percentages, rest during rest days, don’t do additional WOD’s/ strength training, unless it has been discussed with the Coach. More is not necessarily better!

Floyd Simmons

Owner/Head Coach

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